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We rely on technology, not loopholes. Benefit from our proprietary SerpCode software that analyzes 148 ranking signals to pin-point exactly what your website needs to rank. We'll adapt and adjust to ever changing algorithms to give you long-term, organic traffic.

Our Smart Algo Learning Technology gives you a competitive advantage, that no other SEO company can offer! It's Exclusive, Powerful and will help your site outrank your competitors.

My Secret Sauce

Since 2012 my agency has had full-time programmers on staff to develop and create smart software to better analyze search results, algorithm changes, and website needs. We get consistent results because we identify what your website needs to rank, rather than using a one-size fits all approach. Every SEO project is 100% customized based on your needs and that's the secret to our consistent results. SerpCode is one of our exclusive software applications that analyzes 148 ranking signals to identify what elements are missing or needed on your site to outrank your competitors.

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No Pressure, Free SEO Analysis

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“There’s nobody I trust more with SEO than Scott Paxton!”

- John Svantner

We helped take Encyclopedia Britannica from 32 Million Monthly Visitors, to over 55 Million in just 8 months!

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Since 2006, I’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization full-time. My experience has helped me create some of the most sophisticated software and analysis tools in our industry. While it’s true, I’m extremely passionate about SEO, it’s my proprietary software that gives me the edge to outrank even the toughest competitors online. I’m confident no one can compete against our technology, methods and abilities. Give me a chance, and I won’t let you down.

Our Search Engine Optimization

1. Understand Goals

In a brief phone call we’ll discuss the goals of your website. Do you need more leads, sales, traffic, etc.

2. Identify Algo Gaps

Using our proprietary software, we’ll analyze your site and competitor’s sites to identify what your sites

3. Plan & Implement

A custom plan will be created that is pin pointed to the needs of your website. Our team of experts will implement the plan.

4. Track Results!

As work is being done, we will carefully monitor progress and provide access to a daily ranking updates.

I believe in earning your business! We NEVER require a long-term contract!!

If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, you can fire us at any time! We earn your business every month!

I’m so confident in our abilities to rank your website, that I provide an ROI Guarantee.

Ask me how I can guarantee ROI on your project.

No Pressure, Free SEO Analysis

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There’s nobody I trust more with SEO, than Scott Paxton!

John Svantner

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