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Salt Lake City is ground zero for Search Engine Optimization Technology
Starting in 2012, following a major algo update, Scott A Paxton started working with data scientist, programmers, database engineers and top SEO’s to develop the first of its kind: Algo Learning Software.  The software was intended to protect sites from losing traffic during algorithm updates by monitoring ranking signals.  The software eventually grew into a sophisticated set of smart bots that continually analyze and decipher search algos.  This process currently monitors 148 ranking signals and allows our Salt Lake City SEO Company to adapt and adjust to changes in real-time.
► We Built and Use Proprietary Software Not Available Anywhere Else.
► Clients receive custom SEO plans that are catered exactly to their niche and site needs.  We don’t guess or use low quality short-cuts to rank your site.
► Regardless of your size of your business we can provide services that are proven to get real results.

SEO Companies Rely on Scott A Paxton Too!
About 50% of our clients come from other SEO Companies.  While this may sound weird, we’ve developed a program where we allow trustworthy agencies to work directly with our Salt Lake City Team through a White Label Agreement.  This means that we get the results for their clients, and they take the credit.  Many of the top companies in this industry rely on our methods and technology to rank their clients sites.
►  Our SEO Experts in Salt Lake City Utah are working with many brands and services both located locally and outside of the Salt Lake City Area.
►  If you’re located in Utah, we can come to you directly to discuss a proven internet marketing plan for your business.  Most of our deals are done over the phone, but if you’re here locally we’d love to meet you in person.

We’ve Invested in Technology to Ensure We Get Results for You!

Over $250,000 Invested into our Smart SEO Software.
Our SLC, Utah Company Will Help Take Your Company to the Next Level.

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Nothing is as Beautiful as a Sunset Over the Great Salt Lake, but Our Technology Comes Close!

We’re committed to getting your company in front of buyers.  Everything else is noise.  Let our expert team work for you.  We’re so confident in their abilities that we don’t even require a long-term contract!  In fact, we don’t require any contracts, unless you want one.  We’ll fight to get your site to the top of search engines and work hard to keep you there.

For the Money, Search Engine Optimization Provides One of the Best ROI’s for Companies.

We help All Types of Companies Thrive with Results!

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Our Salt Lake City SEO Agency is ready to start working for you.  We deliver results in part because we are passionate about SEO, but also because we have some of the most advanced technology available.  Our Smart Software will help us create a custom plan catered to the needs of your business.  Starting at $1500 a month, we have flexible plans for most businesses.  If you’re ready to get started fill our the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss a solid plan for your business.

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  1.   I want long-term results, not short-term.
  2.   My products/services provide value to people.
  3.   I’m willing & able to invest into my sites success.

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