We Take the Risk Out of Doing Search Engine Optimization!

We’re Different Than Other SEO Companies …

For years; the standard practice in SEO has been to provide guarantees based on rankings alone. While rankings are vital to any successful campaign, the ultimate goal is make you money; and lots of it!

Our Goal is Simple: We’re in Business to Make You Money.

We learned long ago, that happy clients are profitable clients. … and for transparency sake, helping you make money helps us make money. It’s a win / win philosophy. We understand that in order for you to be a happy long-term client, you’ll need to get a positive ROI from your SEO budget.
Simply said: If you make money we make money!

3 Step Proven Formula:     Our Time Tested Method to Increase Your Revenue!

Find Your Buyers
“Buying Keywords”

Once we understand how your business makes money, we’ll uncover the best buying keywords.

Analyze Opportunities
“Low How Hanging Fruit”

We’ll identify the best strategy for quickest results. IE: Push buying keywords on page 2 to page 1. Push Page 1 results to top spots.

Conversion Optimize
”Call to Actions”

We’ll consult with you about how to optimize your site to increase conversions. Our conversion rate experts will help you convert your new traffic into more buyers.

Our Job is to Get Your Site in Front of Buyers!

Its no surprise that getting your site in front of buyers will increase revenue. But, this common sense logic is often lost in the SEO Industry, and to be fair “buying keyword discovery” requires a special skill set. Since 2006 our Award Winning SEO Company has evolved to better understand the buying process. If you’re familiar with the 90/10 rule, it states that more often than not 90% of your income comes from 10% of your activity. After analyzing countless websites, we found this to be true with SEO. Roughly 10% of the traffic was responsible for 90% of the website(s) income. What was so special about these keywords? They were “Buying Keywords!” By focusing on buying keywords we’re able to ensure your SEO campaign is a success and extremely profitable.

How Does the Return On Investment Guarntee Work?

Once we both agree on a game plan, we implement it. If for ANY reason after 6 months you don’t feel like the SEO cost is justified we will continue providing services at our cost (50% off quoted price) until you are satisfied. All we ask is that you are fair and reasonable in your expectations. You are never bound to a long-term contract.

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