Google Algorithms Continually Get Smarter & More Sophisticated:

There are some that believe “SEO is Dead.” That it’s no longer possible to optimize your site to rank in Google. But that can’t be further from the truth. The reality is that Google has goten smarter at detecting spam, black hat methods, and other shortcur strategies. Today, those low quality methods rarely work and ofthen lead to site penalties. These outdated SEO Strategies are dying, and that’s a good thing!

Did You know...?

Google is nothing more than a Math Equation.

The Secret to Ranking in Google: Give the Math Equation What its Looking for!

Google Algorithm is a fancy way of saying “Math Equation”. Every ranking in Google is determined by a complex math equation. It uses definable variables to score and rank sites. In the SEO world, we refer to these variables as “ranking signals.” Once you understand what the Math Equation is loking for, you can fed it the right “ranking signal” and rakings wil increase.


A common strategy in the SEO community is to find which “ranking signal” is weighted the most and focus entirely on that ranking signal. This SEO loophole can result in quick rankings, but unfortunately they don’t last long. Google constantly look for loopholes and devalues them by updating their Algorithm (math equation). This results in massive ranking drops for sites that were abusing these loopholes. It’s not a good SEO Strategy!

We Developed Smart Algo Tracking Technology

Back in 2012 Google made a major update to their Algorithm. They devalued a common “ranking signal” that was widely used and recommended by all, it turned the SEO world upside down and caused most websites to lose traffic and revenue. It took several months for the SEO community to identify what they changed.

This Algo update inspired us to develop technology that could better understand ranking signals and how they impact rankings. We were determined to reverse engineer Google to better understand what ranking signals were important and how much Google weighted them. It took our Salt Lake City SEO Company over 2 years with a team of 14 programmers and several data scientist to complete our first Algo Learning software. We made the impossible, possible!

Everyday, We Monitor 148 Ranking Signals

Our original Algo Learning Software tracked and analyzed just over 100 ranking signals, which has now grown to 148 signals. This is the power and secret behind our success; it’s our secret sauce! Using pattern analysis, weighted predictions and data science we can determine why and how a site is ranking. This allows us to create a custom SEO plan for your site based on actual science rather than on hopes and dreams.

We Adapt and Adjust to Algo Updates in Real-time!

Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm. By immediately identifying what they changed, we can adapt and adjust your SEO plan in real-time. This protects rankings and provides you with a long-term reliable source of revenue.

Our “Secret Sauce” is Powerful, Proven and Will Get You Results!

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