White Label SEO

For years, we’ve been helping people like you make money from selling SEO services online.  Over 50% of our current work comes from White Label SEO agreements we have with other businesses.  We proudly work with SEO companies, web designers, advertising agencies, and many other business to business services.

Join the list of trustworthy companies that are profiting by offering SEO Services to their clients. Scott Paxton’s award winning white label seo reseller program is simple to use and provides you with two options to choose from:

Option 1:  (Most Common)  Under your own brand you sell SEO Services to your clients.  We handle the SEO work behind the scenes while you deal with your client directly.  We share 50% each.  We’ll provide help with SEO Cost & Pricing and create a specialize program specific to your needs and client base.

Option 2:  Referral Based.  Your company refers clients to our brand and we pay you an ongoing residual commission of up to 30%.

White Label SEO

Providing SEO Services to your existing client base is a good option to grow revenue and increase client satisfaction.  Our expert team will handle all of the constant changing requirements of search engine optimization allowing you to focus on revenue generation.  Our award winning SEO company will provide you with top notch services with exceptional results.

Why work with Scott Paxton and his Expert SEO Team?
You have some options when it comes to working with a quality white label seo reseller.  All providers have their pros and cons.  We can’t comment on the specifics of other programs, but we can tell you with confidence that our experience of working with over 900 SEO Companies since 2006 has provided us the experience and understanding needed to make our program effective, and more importantly; profitable for you.

  • Over $250,000 Invested into Proprietary Tools and Software
    We’ve invented the code when it comes to monitoring and understanding evolving search algorithms.  Our SEO Software watches and monitors 148 rankings signals daily in order to understand and monitor changes in search.  This provides you with the best white label seo solution as it allows your clients to benefit from technology not available anywhere else.  This unfair advantage gives your clients better results and bigger ROI.
  • Award Winning Experience
    Scott Paxton has been doing SEO full-time since 2006.  Our agency has won several SEO Contest including: Most Traffic Generation, Highest Rankings, Long-term Rankings.  When our team competes; we win, not because we’re amazing but because we have tools and resources available to us that no one else has.  These reasons make our team more effective than other SEOs, and one of the best white lable seo options.  We have an history of getting results, which is what we will do for your clients.
  • Proven Track Record of Profits
    We’re going to make you a lot of money!  We have a proven track record of results which keep your clients happy and paying.  We have a win/win philosophy when it comes to business success.  We know that if we’re able to help your clients thrive and grow, they will be a long-term client.  If they’re making money, so will you, and so will we.  We focus on long-term methods that are proven to give reliable growth and consistent results.  Every client is important to us.  We know how to keep them happy and coming back for more!

We’re committed to helping you succeed!
We want you to succeed.  The more successful you are, the more success we are.  Our winning philosophy is simple:  If you make money, so do we!  When we agree to work with your company we’ll be an asset to you too.  Our white label seo services can include arrangements to rank your own site and brands.  We believe in SEO and know that if we drive in more buyers to your company it will also result in our company getting more clients too.  The business model is built 100% on win/ win.  The better you do, the better we will.  As long as you can send us some business, we’re willing to step up and help your company grow too.  We’re committed to you and your success.

Proven Sales History and High Close Rates!
We know exactly how to sell SEO Services to clients.  Whether you are referring clients directly to us, or doing doing the sales under a white label arrangement, we can provide you with proven sales practices that will help close clients.  Our proven sales models have been perfected over the years and will convert your leads at a higher level than other comparable white label providers.  We can help create branded reports customized to your brand and needs.  Already, many SEO companies rely on our technology to close their clients.  We’re available to provide sales training, best practices, and custom branded resources for you.

We Handle ALL Types of SEO Clients:  Local SEO, Small Business SEO & Corporate SEO.
Did you know that SEO work varies significantly from the type of ranking?  Most SEO companies won’t tell you this, but each type of client requires a specialty, which they don’t have.  Helping a mom and pop business rank locally is very different than ranking a small business nationally.  Both are very different than working on a large corporate site.  We’ve specialized in each type of service and have been helping all three types of SEO Clients thrive for years.  Regardless of the type of businesses you work with, we can help them.

  • White Label Local SEO:
    Local SEO refers to ranking small businesses in local search results.  This can include maps, localized searches and location based search.  An example of these types of companies are: Lawyers, Doctors, Restaurants, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors, Locksmiths, Salons, Chiropractors, Dentist, etc.
    Common Monthly Range:  $1,200 to $5,000
  • White Label Small Business SEO
    These are companies that want to rank in national search results.  They would include any type of company that has a product or service that is sold online, mailed, or that provides a national appeal.  An example of these companies would include: Web Designers, Authors, Software Providers, Medical Products, Freelancers, Inventors, National Brands, Amazon Sellers, etc.
    Common Monthly Rates: $3,500 to $10,000
  • White Label Corporate SEO
    This is a highly specialized type of SEO service that requires custom tooling.  These clients have will have established brands and traffic.  Their SEO requirements may require custom Dedicated SEO Staff, SEO software, crawlers, dashboards and analysis.  An example of these companies would include:  Britannica, History Channel, Verizon, Geico, Ebay, etc
    Common Monthly Rates:  $5,000 to $50,000

Ongoing Residual Income!
The best part about our white label SEO program is that its recurring income!  Every single month you earn 30% to 50% of the income collected.  Once you close a client, it will continue to pay over and over as long as they remain an active client.  We handle all the stress of getting results and you sit back and collect the payments.  If you’re actively referring clients, you have a lot of income potential.  Below we can see a breakdown of a few scenarios based on a lower client value and frequency.

  • One Year Potential

If you closed one local seo client at $1500 / per month… (your 50% share: $750)
1 New Client Every Quarter:  $3,000/ Month Income (4 clients @ $750/ mo)
1 New Client Every Month:  $9,000/ Month Income (12 clients @ $750/ mo)
1 New Client Every Week: $39,000/ Month Income (52 clients @ $750/ mo)

The sky is the limit when it comes to SEO sales.  If you can selling or sending referrals; this can be a very profitable program for you.

** Earnings disclaimer:  The above is just a scenario based on what you could expect based on sales frequency.  It is not a reflection of how much money you will make.  You may make more or less than the amounts shown.  The results are reflective on your ability to close new SEO clients and do not take into consideration retention rates.  The point of the above scenario is to provide you with a breakdown of potential based on a deflated pricing model.  Most clients will pay around $2,500 / month.  Income is solely based upon your own ability to find and close clients.

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