Who is Scott A Paxton?

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Located out of Salt Lake City, Utah Scott A Paxton is a world renowned SEO Expert.  Since 2006 Scott has been analyzing and ranking websites in all major search engines worldwide.  Scott’s focus has been on getting results that generate income for businesses at an affordable SEO cost.  He’s known for his ability to get companies in front of buyers online.  He thrives thanks to his life-long passion to smart technology.

His Salt Lake City SEO team has developed some of the most advanced technology with the help of his senior team of programmers.  Through technology he is better able to get results for companies of all sizes.  From small mom and pop sites to large established brands like Encyclopedia Britannica, Scott has been instrumental in helping all types of sites grow online.

Scott’s the face behind several online brands.  Throughout the SEO Community Scott is known as the guy to go to when the experts don’t know what to do.  He gets results, because he’s passionate about understanding search engines, but also because he has technology that isn’t available anywhere else on the planet.  Scott’s not afraid to invest his own money and talents into software tools in order to give himself and advantage.

Many of the software tools and services developed by Scott Paxton and his team have been relied on by over 900 SEO Companies.  Today, much of the software that has been developed is kept internally and not made available publicly.  This gives Scott and his team a major advantage over the competition as he’s able to compete at levels that would be difficult or impossible to do without his technology.  Scott believes in getting results, but not in cutting corners.

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Scott A Paxton Agency is a Search Engine Optimization Company out of Salt Lake City Utah that helps websites of all sizes rank higher in organic search results. Led by Scott A Paxton, an award winning SEO Expert.
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